Sourcing & Manufacturing | Product Development

Should a global brand choose to enter India as a majority JV partner, or even a 100 percent owned entity, compliance laws will need the brand to source a part of its sales top line from within India. Sourcing of products from the Indian sub-continent thus plays an important & critical role. Luxury Connect helps you to define a sourcing strategy to pick up the best sourcing mix through systematic evaluation.

Historically, India has been one of the major sourcing hubs for decades. The country has most of the resources to become the backbone of the Luxury industry. Luxury Connect sourcing targets to assist International brands in sourcing luxury goods & services from within the Indian subcontinent. From artisans to specialist SME manufacturers, we boast of a data bank of reliable and dependable vendors.

Luxury Connect offers a vast multitude of manufacturers and aggregators who have always been the finest in the trade and produce for the best.

  1. Product design, development & sourcing:
  2. Design strategy services
  3. Sampling & prototype development assistance
  4. Vendor compliance manual development
  5. Vendor on boarding and management
  6. QA and production monitoring

Luxury Connect Sourcing enables you to not only source the products, but also help you strategize your manufacturing efficiently, innovatively and exclusively.  Dedication, value and flawless execution forms the foundation and core values. Consistent application of these core values have driven the growth of LC Sourcing and enabled us to deliver positive outcomes to our customers!