Corporate Training

There are a plethora of skills that go into managing a luxury brand. Dealing with the affluent class is a both an art and a science.  Understanding luxury from various cultural and socio-economic perspectives is the necessity.  Besides, luxury being subjective & relative, imbibing the art of selling luxury products can take a lifetime to master!! And in case of India, where Luxury is relatively new, the work force is usually hired from hospitality and aviation sector due to their sophistication. However, they don’t really know how to differentiate luxury. Training is the key to flourish in this complex market.

In the luxury domain, people matter! It is they who drive not only the business, but also cultivate the customers bringing them unique offerings of exclusive brands. Skilling and up-skilling is the fulcrum to maintain a differentiation.  Luxury Connect is a corporate talent development consultants in India that firmly believes that a continuous process of brand improvement and market positioning is via Luxury management training.

Luxury Management Training is the core of our business thought process! Research carried out by us has shown that most luxury professionals across emerging markets do not have structured brand management nor customer service orientation. This – thus ends up causing irrefutable damage to the luxury brands position and image. This is where we come in, providing customized corporate training programs to our clients’ basis their needs.

Bearing this in mind, Luxury Connect was the first to initiate short track programs for this domain. Thereby, firmly establishing us as leading corporate trainers.

Our short track programs:

  1. LBSS – Luxury Brand Strategy Skills has been designed to provide intrinsic luxury fundamental knowledge, enhancing understanding power and the skills required for the industry. The program helps the candidate innovate and develop business strategies specific to luxury, which is necessary for progressing in the ever-changing luxury market.
  2. LRSS – Luxury Retail & Service Skills has been created to provide the requisite knowledge and skills that one should adopt while serving a customer. The program helps you understand and successfully accomplish an all-round customer service specialization. The program covers important aspects required to be a competent professional in retail or service environment.

*Both these programs are offered as open workshops as also for corporate training modules. These maybe customized as per brand needs and based on demographic mix of employees. *

A whole lot of national & International brands have hence chosen Luxury Connect as their preferred knowledge & training partner.