"At Luxury Connect we help our clients evaluate and execute strategic initiatives that capitalize on market opportunities and best brand marketing strategy to deliver tangible results."

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Founded during the peak of the luxury sector boom of India in 2012, Luxury connect is a “Luxury Knowledge Company” that provides luxury brand consulting in India, that specializes in innovative and effective luxury brand development and management strategies across ( but not restricted to) categories of fashion, beauty, automobiles, real estate, financial services, hospitality, travel & tourism, watches & jewelry, wellness and fitness etc. Envisioned by India‘s acknowledged Luxury icon, Mr Abhay Gupta Luxury Connect is supported by the best of human capital from the international luxury consulting world. A globally conversant luxury brand consulting in India , we are firmly focused on providing the best platform for high end retail and luxury brands keen to make India their emerging playground. Additionally, internal investors wanting to venture into the global market & or wanting to create their own unique luxury offering for the fast evolving luxury and premium demand are being serviced by us. Equipped with India’s best brand marketing strategy thinkers, with years of expertise’s in the luxury market from its inception stages, we act as an everyday coach and business partner to our unique clients. We invest time and effort to discover the essential fundamentals of your brands, consumers and markets. We work closely with you to define your goals, create brand strategy and bespoke solutions that make business sense. In true sense, we are not just a Luxury brand consulting firm but “change agents” who provide a constant source of inspiration and education. Our results are driven by the passion of our people. Luxury Connects unique orientation culture, is its key differentiator. Our passion drives us to constantly redefine our boundaries in one of the most exciting economies of the world. Measurable, maintainable and long term success for our clients being our main motto, we thrive to constantly deliver value to all stake holders across the segments. Hence, within a short span since our inception, our credibility of being a luxury brand consulting firm has been successfully established not only within India, but globally. At Luxury Connect we help our clients evaluate and execute strategic initiatives that capitalize on market opportunities and deliver tangible results. Irrespective of you being a well established & or emerging brand, we lend expertise to you with market intelligence and luxury brand development in-terms of identity, image creation and brand positioning. We are apt in distinguishing the various ways in which today’s luxury consumer interacts with brands in both physical and digital spaces. Our services scope from product development to positioning, communications, marketing and sales.


At luxury connect; strategy is at the heart of everything we do. We are equipped with Best Luxury advisors in India to assist international retailers in the creation & repositioning of brand identities. We provide customized strategies, from the conceptualization stages through to the implementation and execution of long term operations as per our clients brand values and missions to achieve business goals in the most competitive era of the business world.

Brands around the world have often stated that operating in the Indian market is a challenge due to our stringent administrative process. This is where the Luxury Consulting services of Luxury Connect come in, we help you fast track your legal processes with our industry contacts. Ranging from legal to governmental requirements, new company formation, entry clearances, financial controls and outflow of sales proceeds etc are some of the gray areas.

We proudly acclaim that we are the most equipped Talent management consultants in India as we provide you a whole and sole solution to manage talent at your firm. In order to curb the requirement of skilled professionals in the luxury industry in India, Luxury connect took an initiative to launch India’s First and Only Luxury Bschool – Luxury Connect Business School , where professionals are educated and prepared for the ever growing Indian luxury market.